Save 20%-40% on health insurance while still using your benefits as a recruiting tool

Optimize your health plan, send your employees to the best surgeons in the country, reduce your deductibles to $0, and still pay less than you were paying for that old $3500 deductible off-the-shelf plan.

(Even if HR is one of three hats you’re wearing to keep your business running and you don’t have the time to become an expert in health insurance.)


  • You want to recruit the best talent and take care of your employees, but your premiums went up 17% last year and you’re afraid you’re going to have to start raising deductibles and making people unhappy 
  • You have a health insurance broker, but you only hear from them at renewal time 
  • You DON’T have a health insurance broker, and you’ve got no one at all in your corner when you have to face the insurance carriers at renewal time 
  • You’re stuck in the catch-22: to afford better health benefits, you need to hire to grow your business, but you can’t afford to hire because the cost of health benefits is so high 
  • You dread having to tell your employees their out-of-pocket costs are going up next year 
  • You are the HR Director, CEO, or CFO of a small or mid-size business in Utah, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, or Georgia 

Offering top tier health benefits doesn’t require a Fortune 500-level budget–just a broker who actually loves to find ways to get you this surgery center and that specialty drug at a lower cost than the big carriers. 

How You Can Save

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  • Save 20%-40% while cutting your deductibles in half–or even to $0–by working with us to optimize your health plan 
  • Save even more with direct access to providers, to cut out more layers of middlemen who mark up the price of healthcare and take a cut

What Happens When You Request a Quote

  • Answer 7 easy questions in our form
  • We’ll contact you to discuss what your current plan isn’t doing for you and what you need 
  • We take your employee benefits out to bid or give them a total facelift according to your preferences 
  • You meet with us to discuss the best options and confirm your choices 
  • We and/or the insurance carrier provide an open enrollment meeting for your employees to learn about their plan options, how to use them, and how to enroll 
  • We send you enrollment forms or online enrollment for your employees 
  • Your enrolled employees are covered! We remain available for troubleshooting, both for you and your employees

What Kind of Results We Get for Our Clients​

  • One software company saved 36% while expanding their network of doctors 
  • Another saved 30% while keeping their original network 
  • A refrigerated trucking company saved 22% on their health benefits

In 2023 alone, we saved our clients well over $10 million on healthcare!